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An Orcs Tale – Report

An orcs tale was a project I was a part of at Aalborg Technical University in 2005.

This report is an investigation into the topics of storytelling, animation, film art and computer games. Through the report a discussion and evaluation, of how film art principles can be applied to animation in real time, have been carried out. Concepts from film art like Mise-en-scene, film form and film analysis have been used to figure out the task of developing a basic game engine with animation capabilities. Attention have been put on low poly modelling (optimization for triangle stripping) and texturing but not implemented in the engine. Different types of shaders, like normal mapping, bump mapping and Phong are researched but not implemented. Details about human anatomy and animation theory is discussed in order to create a base for more realistic humanoid animation. A basic game engine with the possibility to load “.obj”- and MD5 files have been successfully developed in C++ and OpenGL, although without the use of “best practices”, performance and portability in mind.


Freja Rose Ørbæk-Boman
Jasper Theisen
Kristian Helle Jespersen
Martin Bjarke Kragh Nielsen
Allan Haugsted