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Doctor Bongo is a rhythm/puzzle game I was a part of creating at the IT-University of Copenhagen in 2006.

Doctor Bongo is a combined rhythm/puzzle game. It combines the challenges of fast thinking, timing and strategic overview into a hectic, enjoyable single or multiplayer experience. Doctor Bongo takes the very intuitive input and feedback schemes of rhythm games and merges it with the puzzling task of manipulating pieces with mutual and cascading influence upon one another into a certain desired state.

Dr. Bongo is a brilliant high energy physicist – a slightly mad, but kind fellow. Many of Dr. Bongos mind boggling creations and startling scientific results, can be attributed to his unique inspirational method, of combining ganja and bongo drumming, to achieve a higher state of consciousness; a position from where he looks down and sees the everlasting truths and connections of the loving Universe.

Dr. Bongo knows that all living things are connected. He knows that love is what binds the Universe together. He knows that you must always stay true to big mother earth and da ganja. Oh, and you should always fight the power!

When we meet Dr. Bongo he has, in collaboration with his super-intelligent monkeys, created a time machine to reach key points in history, were he hopes to spread the groove, and fight the powers of hatred and war, and help da people stay true to da mother earth. With the help of his monkeys dancing. His adventures take him all the way from the towering yuppie filled skyscrapers of the 80’s to Viking war boats.

And at one point he even has to up the groovyness of the Bush administration. In the prototype level, Dr. Bongo has warped back to the eighties and is disheartened by seeing that all the yuppies have abandoned the ways of love, ganja and groove for individualism, cocaine and synthpop. Deciding that he must help the poor yuppies get back the groove, he enters a fourstory skyscraper and starts drumming . . .

At the end of the level the combined dancing of the yuppies puts the building into a state of cascading resonance amplification and the building succumbs to its own vibration and comes crashing down. The yuppies stand on top of the rubble, cheering, chanting and dancing, kept safe by the power of love and groove.


Mads Kjærulf Caspersen
Hans Petter Ellingsen
Kristian Helle Jespersen
Kenni Skafte Mortensen
Christoffer Holmgård Pedersen
Jasper Theisen