William Tell Challenge

  • William Tell Challenge
  • William Tell Challenge

This was my first project at Aalborg University. It was a Scorched Earth type game with a camera as the input device.

William Tell Challenge

The context of the project is a human/computer interaction. The interaction is done by means of automatic perception of the human physical body motion by computer system, computing the input and performing an output. In other words, to make a game that will use a human body motion as an alternative input for gaming.

At the present moment not only there are a number of researches proceeding in this area of gaming industry, but also actual products at the computer game market. Therefore, there is an experience that can be used as useful data for developing of the new application in the scope of this project.

The name for the game developed is “The William Tell Challenge” and it is inspired by the old game of the same name. Unlike the original, where interaction between the player and the game is standard keyboard/eye interaction, all interaction will be done by tracking human motion.

The project is done in the area of following subjects: perception; automatic perception, software development and mathematics.

For development of the project, the theories and model learned in the 3rd semester will be used in practice. The project involves an interaction of all mentioned subjects and presents the result of this structured functioning of all elements.


Jurgita Navelikaite
Kristian Helle Jespersen
Jasper Theisen
Petras Babubis
Kirill Muraxtonov